Vitamin C

20ml | 100 sprays | 20mg per-spray


Buy our Vitamin C online and experience the remarkable health benefits of this ultra-potent, premium-quality formulation. The product delivers a high-level dose of pure Vitamin C into your mouth with every spray, ensuring the quickest and most effective absorption.

Our spray:

  • Fast acting
  • Enhanced bioavailability – 5 to10 times more effective than a capsule/tablet
  • Reliable dosing – pharmaceutical grade Vitamin spray
  • 100 complete dosages per bottle
  • Free of heavy metals, pesticides & herbicides
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free
  • GMP certified
  • Vegetarian

Potential benefits of vitamin C:

  • May prevent vent common cold
  • May prevent vision loss
  • May prevent high blood pressure
  • May prevent heart disease and cancer